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A Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Greenville, NC

Ginny Corbett Photography
Taylor and Andy: Greenville, NC Engagement Session
Today, I had the honor of photographing Taylor and Andy here in Greenville, NC. It felt so good to photograph on my own turf again. Especially after a week in Oregon (at For the Love Workshop) and a week in New Orleans (at PartnerCon). I came back completely rejuvenated and ready to rock this photo [...]
Sponsor Highlight: Simply Canvas
I first heard about Simply Canvas at WPPI. I took advantage of their promo coupon and now have one of their canvases in my home. I have since been blown away by the quality and craftsmanship placed in each product. Now all my canvas orders are placed through SimplyCanvas. One of my favorite features is [...]
Sponsor Highlight: ShootQ
I am so grateful to have ShootQ as a sponsor of For the Love workshop. I have been using ShootQ for a little over a year now and it has revolutionized the way I manage my business! In minutes I can respond to emails, using their email template feature. My clients can choose the wedding [...]
Sponsor Highlight: Action Runner
I have incorporated batch actions into my personal workflow for quite sometime now, but it has always taken extra time to personalize the saving process in my Photoshop action. The other drawback is that I could only run one action in my batch. That was until I met Jim Davis-Hicks at Showit’s Freedom Tour in [...]
Sponsor Highlight: ScreenIt
ScreenIt is the bomb and I recommend you use them for your t-shirts. Included with you order is a free t-shirt design and their prices are really reasonable. I love the staff at ScreenIt, they love Jesus and I think you should get a t-shirt made by them…..period!
Sponsor Highlight: Greentent
I heard about Greentent through Lauren Clark, she shared how they got her to the top of Google. I personally did not have enough time to research how to boost my own SEO rankings (google). So, I figured it would be worth looking into. Within the first month of using Greentent, I was on the [...]
Sponsor Highlight: Album Exposure
Mike Larson and Zach and Jody Gray turned me on to Album Exposure. I took a second to check them out but thought at that time I could handle my wedding album exposure through my own shopping cart. My work flow back then was to upload each spread as a jpeg and then have [...]
Sponsor Highlight: BigFolio
I first heard about BigFolio from my friend Eric Clausen, I loved how clean and modern Erik's website was. I contacted BigFolio to be a sponsor for last years workshop and was impressed that they agreed without hesitation. I am grateful for a second year of sponsorship. BigFolio is a great match for anyone who [...]
Sponsor Highlight: Loktah
Simply put….I LOVE Loktah! I have used their dvd cases for my packaging for over 2 years. Every single product is amazing, and every detail is unique. I can’t think of a better way to set yourself apart from the crowd than by creating a unique packaging experience for your clients than through Loktah. I [...]
Sponsor Highlight: Uno by Lauren Clark
I have been a fan of Lauren Clark’s photography for quite sometime. I can honestly say that she was the first person I “blog stalked”. I’ve always loved the way she sees life and color. Her images never fail to inspire me. Last November, Lauren decided to release her editing secret to the public. I was [...]

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